Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Raindrops n Seashore ....

Coincidences don make me believe
Cos I belive in coincidences
But U made me believe 
A cynic love , an atheist pray.
If  I could change, then anyone may!
I have nothin to do, without u
Its easy to see, I've flown miles away from 'me'!!
Where was I before u came?
Was I alive? Was I the same?
Young or old? Warm or cold?
Rich or poor? I'm not really sure!
Music doesn’t move my soul
My home doesn't comfort
Food doesn’t make me crave 
And sleep doesn't soothe me anymore!!
I keep fallin' in n outta love
As ur smile blooms n fades
Stop playin’ those games with me 
Cos I melt like snow when u shine on me
Are u my soul mate I d been searchin’ for
Or are u jus another coincidence ....
Do I need to see u to know who ur 
Cos I already breathe u every min of every hour 
Do I need to hold u to know ur warm
Cos I already found shelter in ur invisible arm 
Do I need to tell u the words
Cos I know u know that I know that u know
This Insatiable love I got for u
Don even try to satisfy me 
Cos I aint getin nuff 
And its really gonna b tuff
Love lust and desire playing on my mood
Why are these waves, raindrops and breeze actin so rude
Though jus thinkin of u makes me warm
My lonly heart aint getin calm
If its my love for u that makes me long
Lemme know with that beautiful song!!


September 2004