Saturday, December 31, 2011

I will love you merci!

I don't make resolutions. I am not the type to discipline myself or anyone else for that matter. Yes I am proud of what I just said and you can stop reading here if you think that's lame. Well, for the others, where was i? yeah I don't think any sane grown up in the world would think a new yr will change their existing life, but yes we have been taught to start afresh once in a while so we have a 'chance' on anything that we actually deserve to. And what better day to start afresh than the first of January rite. Well if time is manmade, so is months and years but so are problems and solutions, resolutions.

Alrite, I should agree 31st dec night is one of those days in the year when i get all hyper and want to party and celebrate, frankly, i just need a reason. There is so much in me that I wanna change that I think if I dont decide to then i could never love myself ever again, not that I ever did, am still trying. So this year I have decided to stop thinking of the partying for a change and think of how to fix my broken self image in such a way that I would start loving myself and then I would probably have a chance at having a real life sometime in the future new years to come. I am not suggesting that I am going to take a resolution, I did almost closely once in 2008 if u rem the post I did few months before my wedding and 2009 was an amazing year i should say.

Frankly, I am planning another phoenix style start-from-scratch again this year, yet again, yet again, yes. I have decided to listen to my head and my heart, or at least one of them and give myself a chance at being someone I approve of. As easy as it might sound, it is the most difficult thing i can think of now. Self-control and self-love are two things I can never buy or sell. So this year instead of crying of split milk that nobody loves me, my resolution is to love myself and for that, act in a way that I would fall for myself and most of all, stop spending my entire life worrying if anyone else does. Wish me good luck :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Its impossible to not social(media)ize a single line

After a complete 2 yr break, after writing nothing but website content,  social media messages, food reviews and marketing lies info, *yawn* you find a freestyle writer use punctuations and gramatically right English here, with no spellos or typos? Naaa... altho i absolutely have no idea where to start even wonder if i shud use the same blog or start a fresh new one..i realized my blog needed this break or even more to get outa the i-dono-who-i-am-anymore i-write-for-the-readers way of posting...a killer disease that takes years to cure esp only after the final and lasttt reader of your blog is chased away, you start writing your heart out again.

Its funny how things can break so easily. Destruction is a beautiful thing if you look at it carefully. No am not being my old pessimist self here... well perhaps i am.. but after a prolonged 3-months of chronic stress and reading on god-knows-what-all diseases on earth exist, you are half a doc and a fully blown pessimist. the last time i felt lke blogging strongly i decided not to cos  i din have ne readers left  i din want to write depressed nemore and i don feel like writing when otherwise. and this time i tght, wtf, if thts what i am thats what i am.. wait! i started to write on destructio

frankly i don have ne stuff to write other than such rambling.. the shamlessly bold i-think-outofthebox Merci is lost somewr inside my head... well i do think outside the box n sometimes even get out of it n stand outside the box too..but the urge to write it down n spread the fire... duh... its for those hopeless and dreamy young and energetic people who still dream that they can change the world... b4 they realize the world keeps changing at a pace they cnt even notice nemore...

So as life takes its i shifted from teenagy wtf-was-i-thinking emo blogging to yes-now-am-married recipe blogging... probably my next step should be could be will be a cute lil how-my-baby-pee-d-today family blog like every damn Indian woman who sits at home tapping the laptop all day like me wants to survive in the social media does.. but me being useless and having a boring pathetic life unique and different as always...  my blogs henceforth wud b on things tht interest me.. like old age and medicine  like interesting medical information and my experiences... wisdom gained... and lost... well .... watch out... or nawwwtt...