Monday, February 25, 2008

Where is the Love?

Friday, February 08, 2008

My brand needs a logo rite?

Thanks to Anand :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Because of You

This is a song written by someone special influenced by his alter ego who is a writer!
I love it for the amount of pain, loneliness, hurt, guilt, regret, disappointment, heartbreak, nostalgia and truth it speaks! I could not express my sorrow so well in a song to my special someone. But more than anything the abundance of love hid behind every word is mind-boggling. Read on!

Unseeingly implausible but never impossible
was the incubated love for my alter ego
Sane thoughts were bashed by insane emotions
Days seemed shorter but lonely nights were never-ending

Dreams were built on principles and lives were built on dreams
Interests collided but fondness presided
Distance was trifling but time was perpetual
Heart was filled with love and life was filled with fun

But when did i collapse??
How did i love my ego more than my alter ego?
Why did my heart sleep for eternity??

I hate you for making me cry but i hate u more for makin me lauf
I hate you for my loneliness i hate you more for our togetherness
I hate you for my boredom i hate you more for all the fun
I hate you for the way i am i hate you more for the way i am not
I hate you for all the right reasons i hate you more for the wrong reasons
I hate myself for hating my love and lovin my hate

Oh my evil twin hear me loud
Thy shall not reach the gates of heaven
without saving my shackled soul
from the darkness of hell!

Thanks a million
Sorry from the bottom of my heart
BIG applause
and tons and tons of Luv!