Thursday, February 01, 2007

Get outa life alive

It was never there it ll never b
u ll never b dead u were never alive
it was not wat u thought it wud b
cos u never wanted it to b wat it had to b
its not wat it seems its not how ur supp to feel
u think ur rite u think ur rong
the truth is ur wat ur made to believe ur
the world u trust is jus ur imagination
the air u breathe is the perfect illusion
cos it keeps u dreamin of somethin that ll never b there
u keep missin somethin that never existed
well its ok cos it ll never b too late
time is abstract space is a mirage life is but a fantasy
dreamers dream forever as mere mortals they survive
hallucinate delude urself get outa life alive
wake up from ur eternal sleep open ur true eyes n c
it was never meant to b, it was never there n it ll never b !!