Saturday, September 16, 2006

............... But all i hear is Blah Blah Blah

Exactly how many ppl have called me blah blah blah wen I m yapping away, its countless. ‘Blah’ is no more an offensive word to me. It is my fav pastime makes me lauf out loud. If ur wonderin wat the hell m blabbing, here s more blah blah 4 u We, at Blah, offer an alternative to normalcy and a cure for the boredom created by newspapers. Not that I read any newspaper but that’s y m sure they r a big bore!! I def wud subscribe if blah came out with a newpaper. I wanted to b a journalist wen I was young (n din have a clue as to wat it is!!) Then I wanted to b a feature writer until one day I realised I cant write for nuts. Though I have no idea bout who Blah is except the info on his profile, he/they give me a complex that I can never b that funny!! Boohoo..! Somehow I feel its more like a Chennaized version of Seinfeld ( or , talkin bout nothin/laufin at ourselves/bringing out everyday facts in a humorous way. I think todays post was one of the best n it made me write about this funny blog which really made an impression on me. Anyways I bet u wanna read the rest of the posts in there than read me crapping bout it here ….

List of my personal fav posts

and here is the best of all made me rofl