Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wanna know how long u gonna live?

Read some crap on relationships and harmony and watever if ur bored, it will sound good to u if ur depressed, well written, if u need some 'hope' to carry on.. if ur 'hopeless' like me just jump down to the last part it is super fun!

Here it comes! enter your answers honestly and you ll know ur real age (health age now) and how many more yrs ur gonna live if u continue ur lifestyle the same way.. only thing u can do is (i.e. for ppl who wanna live)to decrease ur real health age as much as possible by changin ur habits and hence increasing the number of yrs ur gonna live possibly..

Here's the link! it actually seems very true to me cos they measure it on the rite terms not some crap quiz u find often on the internet at least i believe so...

Even if you are least interested in knowing how long ur gonna live least to get an insight into ur present lifestyle and habits and where ur goin wrong i think u shud take this and sincerely write ur real health age and number of yrs ur gonna live more my comments page! DEAL - I WILL WRITE MINE FINALLY UR SURE TO GET A SHOCK!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

rEbOrN 2 lIvE tHiS dEatH aGaiN?

Watch this space........ till i get some words in my half baked empty head to put down here .... from my broken rotten so-called heart

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Some personality tests!! Look at wat they callin me :>

Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (64%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (12%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?
personality tests by

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Confession! i really don like my title!This is my 50Th POST and wanted it to be special. i never think b4 i write as u all kno very well u've been readin all the crap on my head for the last one year!!!!!!! YES it is a coincidence this happens to be the day i started my blog last year AUG 5th 2006! Well first person i can think of is 'the Skeleton crew' if not for u man! i never knew wat a blog is or how to build it tech guru thanks not only for helpin me ... but motivatin me to write again to be myself again wen i almost thought i wud never!

Miss. BLIND whole lota thanks and LOVE to u babe without ur encouragement and words that said 'its ur blog u write wat u want' and ur 'fuk u better write more' attitude wen i gave up in between thinkin i cant write for nuts... ur the best sweet heart muah! VJ ....u ve been here all along from day1! to comment motivate and probably max hits on my blog is from u! esp givin honest comments and not just fake 'yea its great' for everything... u told me directly wen was actin dumb u told me wen i wrote good... my perfect critic! Luci-fer! or s8ntO (however u spell it) loves to lol at my most depressin blogs ..well but he makes sure he comments! and makes the topic feel lighter... thats really a great effort! thanks man! plz continue! don mind my impulsive frustrated replies.. n they don mean a thing! always liked ur comments! keep m comin!

Mr,B ! avatar da t a, wat can i say! on and off stormy we r .. but one thing we kno is this blog will bring us bak .. i ll b sure to c ur comment everyday! sometimes anonymous sometimes in diff avtars... hey u ve become a great writer i seriously think u shud start a blog! Sriram...asshole... always mocks me .. but was great inspiration (tho negative) for me to write about things i ve never sat n thought about .. well now as hes been a nice guy for sometime stupid best friend... asked me to earn thro ad sense! well yea take the whole share not a penny i got yet! thanks da machan .. i kno i always take it down on u ... just that ur too close to say thanks ... feels odd! n hey rem its called POST not BLOG ok?

My frost friends esp Rums babe and mr.AA tho came in late in my blog's life have encouraged me lots to write esp AA, come on hes the biggest fan i ve ever had, can make me feel like a queen wen m in depth of hell!Appreciate it man! ;) but all my frost friends my baby sneha always told me not to lose hope and that m a gr8 writer! nice but dono if its really true tho.. Pointblack, very recent, but everyday visitor.. plz keep commentin babe ur an awesome writer i need ur reviews! Ravi? Where r u? used to comment a lot! not findin u anywhere.. u got an active blog was an inspiration to me wen i first started!

oh yea how can i forget all the anonymous people who jus come in once in a while and write and vanish without a name! that reminds me of orkut! (now u kno i actually don miss it! dont ya?) helped me get a lota hits and comments not anymore tho but a very good start...well orkut is a crazy world... and my orkut mates Prasanna and Arun where are u these days! start commentin again .. cant lose it just cos m not on orkut nemore! and last but not least.... BUSY PEOPLE who don have time to chek my blog and dono to fill in their name wen they post a comment (or don have time/interest to read and write on my blog)... thanks a lot .. 'your BLOG is a KIller' is a line that will stay on my mind till my last breath! PS: I hate the title still.. i used it dumb f***!

Now if i left anyone out forgive me ... i ve never thought so much b4 i wrote something and i wanted this to be a short post hehe! ok i am gonna finish! i really wanna thank my BLOG for helpin me get over so many things, relationships, open my mind, let out frustrations, show all my anxiety insecurity, trash it, bash it, screw it, fuk it, keep me occupied wen m empty and bored, open up without feelin guilty or afraid of being judged... it took everything for a year, helped me free my mind, atleast a little. A friend i can lean on anytime! Rems me i can write after all (although with a lots of errors!) and made me take up my lost career from scratch again! ....... Long live SANSMERCI!

THIS IS MY 50TH POST 365TH DAY AND I VE REACHED 5000 HITS and hows my renovation? i ve worked on it for the last 3 days learnin html from google with noone else's help! Can you believe it? Hope u can c the black blue green comby! an animated splash hit counter showin hits till now and hits on the specific day, a google searh box with an option to search my blog to find posts if you wanna kno my idea about somethin! Added some quotes here and there and made it look shud i say 'less depressin?' for a change! I still have a feeling i forgot to write about something! hmm ॥ hmm .. Hows my pic? n completed profile ;) Hey how bout ading polls? any suggestions?

Lets c ! Hope i live to c 2nd yr anniversary and be able to write till then but guys.............

Sansmerci will live on forever... cos she never actually existed!


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Found this in someone's blog u too try it on urs!


Smoked a cigarette?: Well .. do you breathe?

Crashed a friend's car?: Not exactly but have been the reason for the crash or so he says!

Been in love?: More than my share of pain i deserve ... one too many times truly madly deeply hurt in love

Shoplifted?: Many times wen i was a kid! it was my hobby .. swear not anymore .. i swear!

Sneaked out of your parent's house?: I bang the door and walk out sayin i ll never return atleast once a month .. and 'sneak in' in few hours

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?: Not exactly ... but yea depends on 'the feeling'

Gone on a blind date?: I stopped remembering dates..

Skipped school?: Yes always and i skip office too!!

Been on a plane?: Yea but been months since i ve been on a bus ...

Seen someone die?: Seen death! seen someone 'dying'! seen my most loved one ‘dead’! but never seen someone die!

Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?: Tried .... in vain as usual

Been jet-skiing?: I will NEVER!

Met someone in person from the Internet?: Almost all my friends

Taken pain killers?: Million times .. they kill no PAIN!

Flown a kite?: Tried to once wen i was a kid ... then my bro rem me am a loser never tried again

Built a sand castle?: Yea wen i was a kid .. wen I cud hang out in undies in Marina beach

Gone puddle jumping?: Does walking counts? i do it everyday!

Cheated while playing a game?: Cant rem.. don think so .. i believe in honesty ;)

Been lonely?: Wrong question! Rephrase: Ever been not lonely? NOPE!

Fallen asleep at work or school/college?: First let me learn to sleep at nite!

Used a fake ID?: ID no ... who can replace my pretty face? ;) trust me i never fake it :D

Felt an earthquake?: Yes! that too when I had a back bone injury! poor me

Touched a snake?: I wud die at the first site of it … so I haven’t seen one till now

Slept beneath the stars?: Lied/sat/watched ... not slept .. that word is off my dictionary

Been robbed?: cant think of any .. am too smart!

Been misunderstood? Yes always and vice versa

Won a contest?: A few in school .. other than that in writing yea

Run a red light/stop sign?: Yea lotsa times I don give a damn to them (unless there are bigger vehicles around)

Been suspended from school?: No i was a good gal back then.

Been in a car accident?: yea yea ... more of bikes but car too yea ;) am too accident prone

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night?: Not an Ice cream person packets of potato chips feeling guilty will be my thing

Walked the streets drunk?: You are not supposed to drink and drive rite?

Had déjà vu?: often … nostalgic very very often!

Danced in the moonlight?: Artificial mayb [L] don rem .. yet to meet sucha romantic guy .. lost hope too .. boo hoo

Witnessed a crime?: Define crime ...

Been lost?: Ok u kno wat m gonna say! Lost and empty is wat I am always! So physically NO mentally YES!

Been on the opposite side of the country?: NEVER! Not very interested cant put up with their language and attitude .. still wanna c some important spots mayb someday in life!

Swum in the ocean?: I cant swim above 3 feet or shud I say below 3 feet! But I ve got close to getting drowned in the ocean more than once… no no I was sane … I think so..

Cried yourself to sleep?: Cried to myself yea .. what’s sleep?

Played cops and robbers?: I always play the cop wen I was a kid …what a dramatic change!

Recently colored with crayons?: Not used a pen for long … only keyboard!

Sung karaoke?: NO but I wish … wen noones there … I wanna sing IRIS someday on the mic :D .. stop giggling jackasses! I don think goo goo dolls wud mind!

Paid for a meal with only coins?: hmm.. don rem meals.. mayb in some other stores .. I rem givin a cheque for 1.25 dols once hehe

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?: ALWAYS!

Made prank phone calls?: Well I made a guy propose t0 me on a prank call within 10 mins of conversation .. wat do u think? I was a Pro .. miss those days!

Caught a snow flake on your tongue?: 21 years I wanted to c snow and when I felt it I had nuff .. tongue? :O plzzzzzzzzzzz

Written a letter to Santa Claus?: Never … maybe I shudve .. noone told me bout it..played chrisma chrischild tho many times!

Blown bubbles?: I cant [L]… no pervert I am talking about balloons or bubbles .. watever..!!

Bonfire on the beach?: Nooooooooooooo, now this questionnaire is tryin to make me cry.. wanna do it once atleast that too with a fun crowd !

Cheated on a test?: helped ppl cheat … too lazy to ask for help wen I dono something

Gone skinny-dipping in a pool?: ;;)