Friday, February 03, 2012

If this aint love, then what is???

I havent been feeling very well lately. Seems like am growing another heart inside of me, the doc says. 

The making of my very own sweetheart, my very own piece of art.
Two hearts inside one body, literally. If this aint love, then what is?

I dreamt of a beautiful sugarcake yesterday. So pretty and charming, havent seen anything as lovable and cute in this lifetime. I felt in my heart what you call 'pure joy'... like an atheist who just felt the presence of God and had a revelation, like a person who was fearing death all their life just kept their first step in heaven.... yes there was smoke all over.. there was tears of rainlets... yes m too dramatic.. and loving it... it was like the softest flower.. it felt like a cotton ball.. it was like surreal..that it almost felt like a dream... it smelt like baking butter and it was lying next to me in my bed closer than my own eyes... all mine...that i almost wondered if i deserve typically i would... (he/she has been replaced with 'it' for political reasons :P) 

And in a couple of days I will hear the beating of the little heart inside of me, just thinking of which the pace of mine is racing already. I hope i can hear it clearly, amidst the loud noise my heartbeats would be making. I hope i can record it in my mind forever and play it back whenever i feel low ever again.....

There was always something missing in my life ... y'all probably heard it million times.. my ever-so-sad stories.. i have always missed the romance how much ever abundance i get it in .. greed, ppl have for money.. i have for love.. the more i have the more i want... call it a hollywood romm-comm overdose i definitely have had more than a fair share of my u-don-make-me-feel-like-the-most-beautiful-woman-u-met-so-i-don-feel-special fights... n still won get enough.. but now.. i already feel it .. probably already confident that this stage in life that am entering into is going to be my best.. and most complete .. as there is nothin missin in it already... its filled with love and passion n finally i myself feel am getting more than enough.. i guess this sugarcake inside is my lucky charm.. n has already taught me a lesson about love. No its definitely not what i was missing all these days.. it is actually wat i was missing to note all these days... as much as i wud hate to accept it...

...this lil baking butter has the best dad in the world no doubt about it, so the mom now has tough competition to keep up to!!

Bring it on baby!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Will never be ALONE again!

Of sunshines and early mornings

Of late night movies and long musical drives

Of love unspoken but still understood

Of hearts that beat as one, well it’s more than just two

And is born inside of me already that which will never leave until I do

And made changes in me already that which no one until could

And now I know how it feels to be beautiful inside

And now I know how vital this thing -

this thing I never cared for - called life!