Monday, January 29, 2007

Quotable quotes by Sansmerci

1. A loser is not someone who has lost, a loser is someone who is lost!

2. A holiday is a holiday only when it is on a holiday.

3. The best way to cure claustrophobia is to shut urself in a closed room for few days but u always have the risk of becomin a serial killer.

4. Love is a fancy name given to things less acceptable, morally socially and legally.

5. Hence unconditional love = fraud + misrepresentation + concealment of information.

6. A best friend is always someone u wud’ve hated otherwise.

7. Stop fooling around before you wake up one day n realize wat a fool u ve made outa urself.

8. Those who pray to live are losers, but those who live to pray are failures.

9. Too much is never enough but enough is never too much. So what u need is always inversely proportionate to its availability.

10. Marriage is like Shakespeare's plays, either a full fledged comedy or a total tragedy.