Monday, October 05, 2009

Eeram - The long awaited rains in Kollywood…

Impressed with the surprisingly refreshing recent Tamil movie 'Eeram', i ve been inspired to do something different too.. a movie review! There have been some of my 'comments' on movies in this blog such as these, Ofcourse Rani is still the queen, 3-in-1 movie review, Movie and a meal and of course my superhit post Push up my bra like that, Porno Paparazzi Girl (highest hits n comments on my blog until now..for all the rong reasons!)... i wudnt call any of them a professional review tho. (PS: all comments got deleted wen i shifted to this blog address :( )

Here is my buddin attempt at actually reviewing a movie...(other than the so-called reviews i've written in the film studies paper at college :D), read on.. and gimme ur review on it!

Eeram - The long awaited rains in Kollywood…

Quenching the thirst of the many who watch movies for more than mere time pass and entertainment, here is a winner, the no-nonsense super natural thriller, Eeram, a deep, involving and intelligent movie made by a team that seems to know what they are doing pretty well! What a relief from the commercial mind-less flicks, Eeram, as the name suggests, is definitely a patch of wetness amidst the dryness, it is a day of drizzles in super hot Chennai.

Eeram belongs to that genre of movies that release without much commotion and noise, but spreads through word of mouth and becomes a super-hit gradually. The professionalism and quality in the movie, and every aspect of it, speaks for itself and there is no need for huge budgets and sex appeal, when you rely on talent and confidence. No big stars, no song-and-dance sequences and of course no punch dialogues in the script. Produced by Shankar and directed by his assistant Arivazhagan, the cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is the best part of the movie, sets it a class apart!

The movie opens with the death of the female lead, Ramya (Sindhu Menon), the wife of Bala (Nanda) and the introduction of her past love interest Vasudevan (Aadhi) as the police officer investigating on her case. The film then flashes between scenes from their past and the crime investigation in the present. The love scenes from the flashback are a pleasant colorful relief to the almost black and white, always gloomy present. The ghost of Ramya, trying to prove her character to the people who shunned her when she was alive, uses ‘water’ to be her medium to kill her victims and the entire movie is literally themed on it, with little sunshine. Will Aadhi be able to help her out and save more deaths at the same time? Will he be able to find the mystery behind her death and find the person responsible for it, while his department loses trust in him? The mystery is not so hard to solve, you almost guess the accused right in the beginning, but the screenplay keeps you so engrossed, startles you at the precise moments and of course it is more than pleasing to the eye to watch Chennai all cloudy, rainy and picturesque all the time!

The director has taken a lot of care into the minutest of detail, in producing every tiny little necessary element into scenes, representing lifestyle, culture, character and logic, very subtly without jarring immature contrasts in anything. The script is very smart and adds to the mystery element of the movie well. The logic is never tampered through out the movie, a well thought-out plot. The editing and graphics add to the overall quality of the movie, so naturally done, unlike many cheesy graphics we get to watch nowadays. Aadhi does need a special mention for his outstanding performance.

Overall, professionalism is the key word for the movie ‘Eeram’, a must-watch for true cinema lovers.