Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tagged with a difference!

Singaporean Indian tagged me but since i ve already done the tag, he has graciously let me flick one of his old tags that i liked a lot :) So here it goes... trust me .. u ll enjoy this more since there less blah blah of mine in this one for a change :D

The rules are simple:
Answer the questions below and do a Google image search on your answer, pick a picture from the results on the first page, with minimal explanation (alrite i get ya.. no BSing around!)

1.) The age you will be in your next birthday: 26

Yea Rite!

2.) A place you’d like to travel to: London


3.) Your Favorite place: Home

Cute eh? :D

4.) Your favorite food/drink: Eggs/Iced Tea



5.) Your Favorite pet : babies are considered pets? i prefer human to animals!

Naaaa.. Not really :P

6.) Your favorite color combination: Blue and white!

Duh! wat?

7.) Your favorite piece of clothing: Shorts and tee

Ok now i didnt do this to get more traffic.... damn i shudve said swimsuits ;)

8.) Your all time favorite song: Krptonite by 3 doors down

Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha... roflmao!

9.) Your favorite TV show: Seinfeld Of Course!

Gosh i din kno which pic to select in this one.. all were so funny.. was actually tempted to see the second page and cheat... but swear i didnt.. anyways settled for this one... oh sorry.. i am supposed to keep it short :)

10.) Full name of your significant other: Hmm lets call him Brat :)

uh! that actually reminds me of my bro.. how true of big bros eh?

11.) The town in which you live in : Chennai, and now Bangalore.. so which one?

That explains the traffic!

so u kno wats what :)

12.) Your screen name/nickname: You kno it!

Holy crap... who dat??? :)

13.) Your First job: Frost & Sullivan

Why? Why???????????

14.) Your Dream job: M living my dream job - an ad copywriter


15.) Bad Habit you have: Shout at mom

How true :D

16.) Your worst fear: Being unloved

Now who drew my mind and posted it on google images?

17.) The one thing you’ll like to do before you die: Build an orphanage

same to u wait that a good sign?

18.) The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000: Two tickets for a trip around the world...


ahh its over! ok now wat?

PS: tagging - anoobhooti , Reflections, The fat lady's rantings, mysoor pak conversations, Inexplicably, The Multi Menon Chronicle, Obscurity Speaks , The Praveen , Psychedelic, It Belongs To Man To Err!!! , Frankly Speaking and the very new entry Ma Silly Blog!