Tuesday, November 07, 2006

za za zsu

Butterflies don fly so high
not as high as i am tonite
m lookin for the rite words
but it all jus seems so bland
m searchin 4 my fairy tale
yea it always ends up stale
but trust me m still alive
aint waitin on no goodbye
learnt to wake up from the dead
proud to b a fool yet one more time
somebody kill me n i ll b born again
i cud b the moon eternally romantic
but still the next dawn's gonna b pathetic
don get sober its awfully real
lets live this dream until its over
say that its forever fool me take me over
cos the moon don fly but its still so high
high up in the sky n its been loved forever
pour me a lil more of ur sugar
baby cos m longin for watever
n yes u can go on n fool me
i ve grown up nuff to remind myself
butterflies don fly so high
atleast not as high as i am tonite...

Save the last dance for me

Chasin the moon i lost my shadow
as the sun is settin i c him movin away
its too late its too dark
wat was i doin tryin to fite the moon's ray
But girl now m ready to let go
do u hear ma heart singin so
I give u the best part of me
the only thing i ever had
my lost soul my dormant hope
he s too fragile too naive
handle with care love him tender
n wen i wake up gimme more of that pill
get over ma fever, m too sick of being ill
Look out then cos the hunters bak
stronger than ever, rite on track
there s a new day a fresh sunrise
but not a tear in my eyes
n i said stay strong young lady
as u watch me take home ma baby
n if u ever wonder i set him free
I kno he'd save the last dance for me

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

gone daddy gone ...

… n yeah I write again .. but this time I am not writing wat I think is rite or rong . I need ur opinion instead. cos I have a feelin m lost in this topic. The question is simple, how do u know he/she is the one for u? Isn’t it funny, sometimes u fall for someone head over heel, think u found ur soul mate and after the rosy days r over, the romance fades away n suddenly u feel like u don even know this person anymore or even worse to hear it from them. How wud u feel if someone u consider the love of ur life tells u mayb we shudve never been together at all? Or find someone u found a not so ur kinda guy/gal to suddenly b everythin u ever wanted. For me the grass is always greener on the other side, I always misinterpret missin something to lovin something, which cud b true but then wen u try to commit me, all I wanna do is run away and want the elusive one. Do every couple in the world stick together after the cant-take-my-eyes-off-u stage jus for the heck of it? Is marriage jus bout commitment or is there even something called love that really exists. Some ppl say they found their soul mate, if finding someone jus like u is the whole point, then y the hell do opposites attract? How long does it attract? Wat happens wen there s no more za za zsu between them.. is it fair to continue cos u promised or is it honest to move away n let them find true love.. n wats that btw? Life’s not one long honeymoon I kno that, so wat else makes a relationship work then .. how do u pin down on one person to stay with all ur life? Isn’t it scary? Jus gimme one thing which strongly decides or made u decide or u think will decide who THE ONE for u is. It doenst have to b rite or rong, its jus wat u think, enlighten me plzzz….