Wednesday, July 11, 2007

3 in 1 Movie Review!!!!!!!!!!

Ok! Back again .. No no m not missing orkut .. m jus missing work at work .. if u kno wat i mean
Wat i been upto .. i met with an accident sittin at home totally fucked .. well nothin new .. i can c that smile on ur face .. n yea make it broader cos mine is broader than urs ,.. m so happy hurt everywhere .. after all how ll u kno my pain if i don wear it on my body .. ok ok lemme cut the crap n start my work sorry post for the day ..

i saw 3 movies in a row n m gonna write bout each of them ... its funny how it screws ur head wen u watch 3 completely diff kinda movies in a row.. one inspiring .. one depressing and one pakka masala ... yea a post like this!!

I truly from my heart recommend all of you to watch this movie ‘Dead Poets Society’, esp some ppl who I don wanna name here but sure will read my blog who deserves some inspiration (stuck in the world of just 'world' n nothin else.. m sure u din get it!). Its about art love romance and everything that your heart longs for, I could even include death if I have the passion for it .. its so inspiring to do what you want to, 'seize the moment' … to break the rules and look at the world from a different angle, I ve already written about stereotyping so don wanna repeat it here, it cost me a job, my first job and a bunch of friends, I miss everyday! Oh m deviating from the topic .. yea the movie is for every business school bred corporate world maniacs who need to c the world find peace in beauty of rain (my own build up) or just love life as it is n not make it tough and stereotyped! I dono current affairs I don follow the corporate world I don wanna make money I have my own little world my poetry kids writing love rain pain death or whatever but I am what I am you don tell me what am supposed to be …. It’s a typical ‘ we don need no education’ movie! Its inspiring plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trust me the next movie m gonna write about is the most depressing ever made or I ve seen in the history of 24 yrs of my life. If a suicidal person (worse than me I mean) watches it, it will push him/her to death. Its ‘Requiem for a Dream’ well the title sounds like the story of my life, doest it? hehe, now don go look for wat Requiem means [;)]. Yea Linkin Park sang it rite ‘In the end it doesn’t even matter’ after all you dream and all you try! I am sure most of you would be googling or searching wikipedia or imdb for the movie, its an underground movie I cudnt get it anywhere, its bout drugs addiction and yea it’s a psycho movie (wen u kno i like it), but if you c it deep nuff it’s a movie about love not just between a guy n a gal, but mother n son, husband n wife, bf gf, the dream u have in every stage of your life, the dream to be a star, to be married, to have kids/grand kids, to live with the one you love and mainly yea to make money and be famous of course! It was like a scare to me that I could be that one day, well my dreams are dead now, but I am in the path … the movie was almost my life exaggerated I could say, I don recommend you to watch it if you are really depressed, but tis a movie everyone shud watch once and throw it out the window, not to be stored in your collection! But shud watch! … or maybe not but I loved it esp the background score its called ‘summer overture’, it stays in your head for hours after the movie is over … its like a voice in ur head u wanna throw out but cant .. I downloaded it immediately… neways .. got fuked after I watched it I was insane for sometime … so if ur already fuked .. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the next movie you shud ve guessed by now was ‘Shivaji’! Full time entertainment masala no logic typical Rajni movie I just loved it for no reason but Rajni and Vivek ofcourse. Tried to whistle as much as I cud tho I cudnt! Anyways shreya or shriya whatever her name is looks beautiful, but cud ve shown her face a lil more and din expect a Rajni movie heroine to wear nothing but inner garments in all the songs twas like watchin a kamal movie or porn I shud say .. She cudve atleast worn a blouse for gods sake.. She looks beautiful,.. cudve made use of that .. Hello! Some respect plz! Neways .. I shud say Rajni din touch her much … Rajni is Rajni.. or so I think ..Neways who cares .. din like the music I dono AR Rehman has come down in his standards… But had nice fun as such super masala entertainment!!!!!! Must watch for all Tamilians at least cos it featured in UK top 10 Box office in first week i guess and the highest budget for any movie taken in India or something and has a lot more of records..or atleast for all the hype created... not pretty much evident in the movie tho! Watch it for Thala’s sake.. He looks 20 yrs younger .. I cant believe .. he looks like he used to in those days when he used to act with Ambika Radha kinds I guess 80s, wen I was born .. boo .. awesome .. Money is money ..can do anythin .....ahhhhhhh … Not really!!

MS Word is spittin on me with too many reds n greens m too bored to correct them, that’s what I do at work … this is my space i do what i want (inspired by Dead Poets Societ ;)) isn’t this a long post? Co'mon u have to put up with me .. its jus 11 45 n I have no work till 1 and nothing after lunch either .. I wonder if they gonna pay me at all .. heard they r hiring 2 more copy writers! Ahem for wat??????????? More blogs to read hurray!!

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