Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ofcourse Rani is still the queen

This is a definite surprise or should i say shock? for ppl who follow my blog. Am gonna write a film review and that too on a Hindi movie. yes yes ! i know wat ur thinkin ..i hate Hindi emotionally crappy glicerine wasted lata mangeshkar playback 5.5 hrs movies ..which only cheap i-don-have-commonsense tasteless ppl watch. But this movie 'ta ra rum pum' which i actually went only for sake of seein RANI [:D], (mayb my expectations were very low) exceeded it far beyond. It has an awesome theme even the music was bearable no wastage of glicerine. It almost kindled the dead feelings in me. Maybe i am so weak now but it really got me emotional in some places i need to b honest. Also cos theres a lot i could relate to, rite from the fact that the leads try to cope in unconventional fields and still stand for their rite. The screenplay was good enough to take u through the 3 hrs which otherwise wudve got me so restless. Its supposed to be a story of the life of a racer, probably a sports movie i wudve despised at first site. But i enjoyed and loved each bit of it .. cos according to me .. 'its the best LOVE STORY ive ever seen.' Yea u got me rong ..heres not much romance (the couple don even say i love u to each other). Its not some infatuation period, crush or a 2 month fling elevated into 2 hours of divine love, like every other movie depicts. Its a real life love story probably too idealistic for real life but movies are made to fulfill dreams hard to get in our lives rite? y else wud i pay for it go there n worry bout someones problems who i know is paid n acting for that sake? i think its gr8 entertainment with an awesome message. For the first time in life I recommend to watch a Hindi movie, esp ppl in love or think they r in love. Trust me I almost (who am i kiddin?) started beliving in love again (and then the movie got over and i walked back into reality).