Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's all about olive.. n a lil bout inspiration!

IF my biggest nightmare is to live a long life .. then urs shud b me blogging until my last breath! and looking at this 'inspiration' i mite end up doin it .. so beware!

This u wudve heard already .. bout the world's oldest blogger olive who passed away recently ..

Thats her first post,
the person who has been typing for her (Mike) wants us to understd her 'blob' (thats how she calls it), first by reading that!

and this
is probably the last proper post from her.

wat enthusiasm! wat optimism! and wat is it tht makes life int for someone at 108! (yrs? :O) wen i cnt find one reason to wake up tomorrow ... no m not inspired, m more depressed thinking m a loser ... ah wat a loser!

Some parts of the blog are very cute and kiddish, probably its the second childhood thats speaking, as shakespeare (if m rite!) says.. so there is this other person Eric who had been blogging for her on behalf of Mike in the recent past since Mike was away and so the blog shifted to another place.

This is a nice post bout her school days 100 years ago! in the new (temporary) blog
very interesting .. really worth a read

and thats her final post after which everything has been from the others after her passing away. its bout her days in the nursing home before she left the world.

they made a movie .. of course!

Guess wat she has actually overtook this 96 year old, oldest blogger of Spain and here is a post of how they both communicated!!!

aaaah ..............A 96 year old inspired by a 108 yr old .. n a 25 yr old reading it with :O shakin her head with a big no no no ... m not fallin for all this .. but hats off!

some interesting posts i read
wataaa memory!
she actually was soooooo happy rather kept herself so happy in her last days!
thats her 108th bday ... uh uh wat??? wonder how it feels to c that ... thats like just 83 yrs from now :) i can wait ... I hope time flies .. no i really hope it does IF i were to live so long..

and thats one year anniversary post :D

Guess u can browse thro both the sites and get ur own fav posts .. but on a serious note, if somene has to live this long to see life from - days of walking to learning in a sewing school - to blogging right from her bed - .. shud call that a real life time experience.. wish i cud experience that but only if i can stay as happy cheerful active child-like and as beautiful as she is at 108!

Wish i discovered this blog just a few weeks early, I would ve had the honor or commenting n communicating with the world's oldest blogger.. well even now the blog is on and Mike is tryin to keep it alive with a 'In memory of Olive' etched on top while they r still discussing the future of the blog n wonderin wat to do yet.. u can take part in it too

Maybe i ll wait for a much older blogger to come my way... but somehow Olive feels special and unique to me tho i ve no idea ... why?!!!!

Positive vibes can travel thro the net .. even after one's life, its still alive!
That's quite a discovery eh? :P