Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Forgive me spiderman, for i think otherwise!

It’s 2 years since I started this blog with today. No, I aint even gonna use an exclamation mark to that sentence cos life has taught me quite strongly this time to not get excited bout special days.. still somewhere at the corner of my stupid heart, there is a question called ‘WHY NOT?’!
But yea, no balloons, no cakes, no celebration, so wat now, there will b another yr and another anniversary, hey but there is a need for appreciation rite? After all wen even ppl cant be together for long, anything that lasts any longer deserves respect, so does this humble blog of mine, started as undefinedoxymoron.blogspot.com taken over by sansmerci.in. It’s always been there with me taking all the shit I dumped on it through my bad times and thro my happy times, taking into its identity everything that is me, and stand by it for that sake alone, I mean wat better friend/partner can u get?

Last ‘blogiversary’ as I named it had thanks to so many ppl of which some have loyally stuck with me tho the transformation of the blog has taken place obviously from a personal diary to other not-so-interesting posts. Maybe I just grew up in the process or got insecure that too much trashing mite make me lose this last friend of mine too. But sure thanks to vj, blind and B (who doesnt have a choice tho) .. n ofcourse everyone else on my blogroll and viceversa..who come on n off ..and helped me reach this number of hits!

So why this title? U always ask cos it never makes sense just like my head. The thought on my head being ‘with gr8 power comes gr8 responsibility’, came this title! Let's say, this blog being my power to create n tell the world (if I can go one step further n say) and change the world if I really make an effort to .. comes my responsibility to stay moral on it esp. not to preach anything I don practice or believe in. so I have used this medium to my best, to express my thoughts but with utmost care to keep an open mind n always end it with a but, if and ‘so i think'.

So is every creator, they have a power and the responsibility, I rem quoting spiderman in my university exam in a journalism paper and me quoting it being quoted in a PR class the next sem as a matter to be appreciated. (god knows how much I feared critisism wen I wrote it!) oh n talking of god.. and creators.. I see them synonymous.. ie creators being god (ofcourse I wud never say vice versa :P). A mother being given the power to create … has the highest responsibility in the world making the human offspring ‘a person’ and wen I say a person, I mean ‘a person!’ that’s a ‘God’s’ responsibility she has. Maybe, the only thing ‘ur’ god did good to mankind is, its impossible for a living being to not have a mother, n tiny-bit reason that cud probably wanna make me give a thought if there’s really such a well-wishing person to human kind making sure we get it all, a mother - if u want it or not, will b YOURS!

But most of us creators (in one way or other), experience the reverse of this, where life sucks with a lot of responsibility and no shit called power! For instance, our creative team has the responsibility to create advertisements that play with the minds of the customers and work on them. But what happens at most times is the team aims at satisfying the client servicing, who in turn works for the client's satisfaction who in turn works for his managers' satisfaction, who in turn looks for the CEO/MD's satisfaction. Responsibility of the creative to satisfy the ultimate customer takes the back seat since the team doesn’t have the direct decision-making power , even if they know the customer inside-out. So gr8 responsibility definitely calls for gr8 power, if its there, anything is possible, u jus need to take ur stand and stand by it! You can change the world, if ur responsibility gets the power! Maybe i think like a media person, that was my example, but m sure u have urs.

So yea ….oh shut up! So much for 2 years of blogging! u had to listen to all this random unrelated insequential thoughts of mine … but hey I rest my power n responsibility with this blog.. cos its me who delegates both to myself in here! Woo Hoo!!!! I run a place of my own n I did so for 2 whole f****** yearsssssssssssss… oh no I forgot! No overexcitement … maintain low profile…. Ahem :)!

PS: If ur wonderin y my first post is on AUG 6th '06 n m celebrating on Aug 5th every year, its the time difference. The first post actually came online at 6pm on Aug 5th '06 from Memphis, TN (from my work place). This post comes at 4 45pm on Aug 5th '08 from Chennai, TN (ofcourse from my workplace)!!

Hoping my blog and 'I' see next anniversary from who-knows-where, Yappy reading!!!