Thursday, July 17, 2008

BUT in Chennai!

Fill it up fill it up.. The previous post has stayed on limelight for too long .. So what I've been doin all this while when that dumb post was catching all the unnessary attention .. I was reading other better, funny and interesting blogs unlike all of u who waste ur time on mine .. I have set this alert for chennai blogs and its too funny to ready the non-chennaites (esp northies :P) view of the city much it varies from person to person .. the perconceived ridiculous notions, their surprise at the least surprising things and whole lota fun kinda pulling our own weaknesses, yes we kno! Let me take u for a small ride on the laufter rollercoastr I ve been goin thro .. strictly for chennai fanatics .. which I guess 90 percent of my readers who apparently do not live in chennai are!

Lemme start with our 'world' famous cuvaaam as a mark of auspicion :) guess this is a post from outa the country .. says
Our walk home takes us along the Cuoom River, one of two rivers in Chennai. However, to call it a "river" is a bit of a stretch; the words I would use are more like OPEN SEWAGE PIT. The banks are littered (maybe teeming is a better word?) with garbage, and, at any given time, there are no less than four male motorists emptying their bladders into the water.

What does have to say?
Bouquets on the city's infrastructure, it being an IT hub and its shining star - Marina beach and ECR…Brickbats on the weather, water and most importantly..the people…The latter mentioned drawback outweighs all the plusses since a city is made by its people and defined by its people..

And then adds

Wherevr I lived till now, people spoke both Hindi and English. English is good, but English all the time sounds too formal and artificial to me. Hindi brings about this element of casualness and informality to the conversation. Its more of the language you speak in with your pals. And in Chennai, its more Tamil less English :(:(….Learning Tamil is going to be a task now!…Basically at this stage, i cannot rule out the negative possibility of how life in this city is going to turn out

Yea rite!

Here comes someone adding oil to our fire .. !

Then, in Chennai, the government has a monopoly over liquor distribution, which means that restaurants aren't allowed to sell liquor. This makes it okay for a fine dining restaurant to run without serving liquor, and hence the price setters in the market are not high-cost. This probably explains why fine dining is much more reasonable in Chennai compared to Bangalore. Says

Chek out an angry chennaite here..

First, he said the people here don't even wanna learn hindi (He expects everyone in the country to learn hindi because it is our rashtra bhaasha), where as those in B'lore or Hyd speak hindi… I am a great lover of tamil and I somehow couldn't stand it when he told tamil is just another regional language.

Hey Hey chek this out and have a nice lauf.. at ignorance!!

Accenture Method:Hire a lion....Send him to chennai, ask him to stay on bench for a long time, ask him to eat idli,Dosa and Vada No hindi, kannada or no other languages speaking ppl other than TAMIL...No good food, No water..and specially No Beautiful girls And say him "Go Ahead be a Tiger". Lion dies in confusion he is Tiger or lion......

Oh that lion was
btw lion 'say him' is purrrrrrphect engleesh i say :P

But in Chennai, the life and the pace is pretty similar to the life I had in Singapore, hectic, fast, crowded and tiring.

Ahem ahem ahem!

Last but not the least here comes news ppl! Chennaites eat in banana leaf.. well yea we live in stone caves too :) compares

Chennai climate is BAD! ( Bad would be an understatement…I would prefer the Mumbai Rains to it anyday! )

The Auto Drivers/ Taxiwala's of Bombay are so much more cordial in comparison to Chennai.

The Chennai Junk Food ,am sorry to say is just average…….( now I am sure the chennaites would say that I did not know where to go and find stuff )…….but that is not my idea of junk food…you should find stuff when you are hungry (not having to go from one end of the city to the other to find a particular thing)

Chennai has too many people who booze! ( Imagine you find people drunk in the bus at 9 in the morning)

In Chennai ladies in the bus are always quarrelling!!!!!!!( Duh! Gets on to my nerves)

In Chennai you cannot hang out with friends at beaches and stuff at night. You have cops who would accuse you of indecent and improper behaviour.

Hmm…may be the simplicity of people out there is nice…..Hard to find that trait in Bombay!!!

For the Carnatic Music fanatics, Chennai is the place to be!

'Malli poo'( Mogra )….I simply love the fragrance….you find it everywhere!

The cost of living……. so economical and affordable!

Eating on Banana Leaves! ( very hygienic! )

The local trains are better out there ( But I would still prefer travelling on the foot board in the Mumbai Local trains)

Ufff!! I guess thats nuff fun for a day .. lemme get bak to my real world.. i almost forgot i live in this place a lot of others are hallucinating about .. but all i can say is hmm hmm......... no comments :P