Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Experiments with ...

Okay! Since a lot of people have been asking me to write bout the MAGIC diet that I followed.. here it goes... sorry to disappoint u guys its called the GM diet and u can jus browse Google to know a lot bout it … but here i write bout my experience with it!

Rules I did not follow –
Do not even attempt to smell anything other than what is given on the diet for each day, if you really wanna lose weight and are dedicated to it.
Learn to cook the wonder soup, search for GM wonder soup anywhere u can have it anytime how much ever you want (don use any ready made soup they contain lotsa sugar n starch)
NO MILK except on day four Get over coffee at work or shift to black coffee (or just pretend that u din read this line!)
Go easy on salt and no sugar intake
NO FRUIT JUICES except day 7! Abstain from all alcohol…
Drink 10 glasses of water for sure and 1/3rd more on Day 5!

I would like to confess that I did not follow even one of this except the alcohol part of course (teetotaler alrite!) I did have coffee (milk and sugar) everyday, fruit juice by mistake one or two times and I really din make an effort to cook the soup, and duh! I couldn’t eat my veggies without salt for heavens sake! And my answer to point one is yea I was partly dedicated, I did take a bite or two now and then to cheat my tongue from depression. Trust me it works, take a bite of ur favourite food and chew it longer cheatin urself like ur eatin lots, all ur tongue needs is the taste, quantity doesn’t matter.

Ok so this is a 7-day diet, I am not gonna describe it cos its all over the internet.

Day ONE – All fruits except bananas.

‘Melon’choly day – Toughest day, makes u wnana give up so badly but trust me push thro this, and its gonan b too good from day 2!

Breakfast: watermelon pieces
One litre of aquafina (say between 11 to 2)
Lunch: lunch box full of water melon
One litre of aquafina (say between 3 to 6)
Dinner: Watermelon pieces and one apple

(Try to eat just water melon, it helps lose more weight ...don b an ass like me)

Day TWO – All vegetables starting with a large baked potato for breakfast.

POtaTOE! – a diet that lets u have potato wow! tho its jus bland baked potato with a lil butter n maybe pepper on it, u die for this after a day long of just melons!

Breakfast: Boiled/Micowaved potato no butter (cheated with a lil salad dressing, com’n I din do use butter!)
One litre of aquafina (say between 11 to 2)
Lunch: salad at subway – lotsa crunchy lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, fat-free sweet onion dressing ( not supposed to but its irresistible) btw try it out its the sexiest i ve had in chennai!
One litre of aquafina (say between 3 to 6)
Dinner: home cooked boiled cabbage one big bowl and some chopped cucumber.

(Potato is yumm even if it has no seasoning! Veggies with water content reduce weight soon like cabbage, snake gourd, ash gourd and beetroot.)

Day Three – Fruits and vegetables

Oh-yea-m-on-a-diet day!

Breakfast: very few pieces of apple and some green grapes
One litre of aquafina (say between 11 to 2)
Lunch: salad at pizza hut – lil smaller bowl lettuce, pineapples, cucumber, etc.
One litre of aquafina (say between 3 to 6)
Dinner: cooked beetroot (cheated with a spoon of curd) and grapes

(Veggies are tastier than fruits and healthier too. Just go easy on oil/salt.)

Day Four – Eight bananas and drink three glasses of milk

Go Ba’na’na’s!

Breakfast: 1 banana and my usual large cup of coffee (not cheating cos milk is allowed today!)
One litre of aquafina (say between 11 to 2)
Lunch: 2 bananas and a frappe at CCD [:D]
uff no water!
Dinner: two bananas around 6’clock and 1 small cup milk at 9 o’ clock

(You don’t need to finish all the 8 bananas eat as much as u can. But the body naturally craves for banana n nothing else today. Get non-fat milk, try not to add sugar or sugar substitute.)

Day Five – 10 oz. portions of lean beef (lean protein) and whole tomatoes

Supposed to be the FEAST day! Naaaaaaaaa

Breakfast: hard boiled egg (din remove yolk since m a sucker for it!)
Lemon juice with salt
Lunch: tomato rasam with very few spoons of rice and lotsa extra tomato pieces
Forgot the water (supposed to drink 1/3 extra today!)
Dinner: sprouts with tomato and 2 big glasses of tomato juice (unstrained) with salt

(Tomatoes reduce weight like nothing else! Eat tomato morn day n nite and c the difference. I am planning to go on a complete tomato diet! Make sure to get the water requirement for this day. Vegetarians can substitute the beef for egg whites (strictly no yolk, spoils the whole purpose), sprouts/tofu is the best option! You are allowed to make a sandwich out of any of these ingredients today.)

Day Six – Unlimited Beef (lean protein) and vegetables


Breakfast: hard boiled egg (its better to have sprouts!)
One litre of aquafina (say between 11 to 2)
Lunch: egg white omelet
Forgot the water!
Dinner: cooked cabbage bowel!

(Felt lighter when I woke up, thanks to yesterday's tomatoes. Go for water veggies and sprouts today)

Day Seven – Brown rice, fruit juices and all the vegetables

Now this is my feast day!

Breakfast: skipped!
The new amsutra slice ;) (What the hell I can have fruit juice today rite! .. ok! who am I kiddin?)
Lunch: boiled rice with cauliflower
Forgot the water!
Dinner: cucumber slices and apple juice (unstrained and no sugar)

(DO not drink packed fruit juice, have fresh ones unstrained and no sugar, I found out they actually taste good! Brown rice is thar rice in India, well m not really sure lemme kno if anyone knows, else there is always chapathi as a substitute.)

You can repeat the diet as many times u want but take a minimum 3 day break in between! This is 'not' like other FAD diets letting u starve thro the day, you can fill urself with the food recommended for the day as much as u want, in fact if u ever get hungry then ur not following the diet properly!

Wake up on Day 8 and ur pants will seem bigger! buy a belt for safety, trust me i experienced it!

Now this will sound funny to u after reading all this! I did not lose any weight after I did this diet! But I ve lost inches and I feel lighter and able to dress like I used to! Mayb its a healthy way to get in shape and a great mood lift! But one thing to remember is that 'don hog after the diet is over'.. its too easy to get the weight bak in maybe just a couple of days! Keep exercising as much as u can and plz be grateful to friends veggie fruits lean protien and water (esp. melon and tomato?) and keep eating lotsa them in ur every day diet!