Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mauritius – Paradise on the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is known for its beautiful oceanic shades of blue and Mauritius is known for endless white fine sand beaches right beside it. The place is abundant with scenic mountains and birds, and is definitely a tropical paradise offering amazing natural beauty. There are major hotels and resorts offering high-class service, the place has a lot of recreations including golf, trekking, spa, ecotourism, etc. It has a multi-cultured society of Indians, Africans, British and French leaving lot of room for many festivals and celebrations through out the year entertaining the tourists. Completely surrounded by coral reefs, the lagoons are full of marine life. Mauritius is an ideal place for honeymooners with the luxury and comfort it provides, along with its natural beauty.

Places of visit in Mauritius are just too many to fit in here, though you would rather sit in a stylish French café and sip some imported wine. Mauritius is well known for its beautiful sugarcane plantations. The Lion Mountain is another important place to go and a marvelous place to hike with eye-catching views of the beach, running straight along the ridge and up over a rocky area to the peak. Tamarin Falls is a series of seven magnificent waterfalls, near a reservoir. But beware! It is like a dream, a beautiful place you can just get lost in it, although it’s a great place for surfing. Le Morne Peninsula gets it’s name from a vast rock called Le Morne Brabant. It has the best beaches in the country and is a place mainly for tourists to visit. Amongst beaches and trendy beach resorts is the busy city of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, to complete your honeymoon with great nightlife, cinema and casinos.

The Black River Gorges National Park is a highland area near Curepipe with mountain roads and a large reservoir called Mare aux Vacoas and a lot of coniferous trees. The sacred lake Grand Bassin and Plaine Champagne, the largest natural area on Mauritius are closer to this park. The Riviere Noire Falls is in Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire, the highest point in Mauritius. In the Blue Safari; a submarine in the Indian Ocean with unique and amazing view of the underwater world, one can be one among the fishes and corals and swim through the clear water inside.

The town of Mahebourg, closer to the international airport is a commercial center. There is a beautiful bay in this town, where you can take sunbath and relax before actually reaching Mauritius. Mauritius is easily reachable through air since many airlines from all parts of the world fly to Mauritius and the sea route is mostly used for cargo transport.