Thursday, May 31, 2007

NOW gimme my HAPPY pills u LOSER!!

The vacuum the emptiness weird (thats too common a word to explain this thing thats possessed me) feeling within .. m lovin every inch of who i am now .. my party time is wen m restless my space is wen i get to get lost in that world of mine where i dono where i am or who i am n wat m doin .. i thought i lost the future they r helpin me lose the present .. i get slow move slow think slow.. they drugged me into this .. i tell myself haha who cares .. they bet i ll b a happy person in months.. all i can say is keep tryin losers .. while i keep enjoyin this feelin u give me where i kno m losin my mind n i kno ur fukin with my brain .. i look at u and ur blank ur white ur black ur nothin to me .. i look at the sky m numb i cant feel my blood flow but my head reels nuff to kno that m alive i cud stand here for hours with this feelin m stagnant m a stone ... n ur mission is to make me lauf for the fees i pay? GOOD luck

btw ! .. i need a break ... from myself .. i wanna b alone go somewhere far away where there r no weekdays or weekends or day or nite .. somewhere without me .. can i plz take a break and go somewhere without me?