Wednesday, September 30, 2009

U know ur a true Chennaite when u…

10. Can comfortably eat Idli at Sheraton and at a Thattu Kada outside it, with absolutely no fuss in both the places…

9. Know which 'auto-karan' to make friends with and which one to start a fite with and feel equally proud and happy about both the incidents.

Truly hate Hindi by blood.. tho the Tamil you speak is a dirty mix of words from English, Hindi/Urdu, Telugu and what not, only too twisted and tangled to recognize…

7. Cannot drive without swearing and cannot drive properly without such motivation from others either.

6. Rush to Bangalore every Friday night and try hard to book the Sunday nite (impossibly) unavailable train tickets back home...

5. Cannot make a funny statement without mocking Vivek or Vadivelu in modulation, no we do not say ‘Mind it!’ anymore… in fact, we never did!

4. Pay day at Pasha and Broke day at Bessie

3. Proud of A R Rahman as though he’s your cousin brother…

2. Can have filter coffee and Old Monk, one after the other….. in any order…

1. Claim to work in a sweatshop and stay 90 percent of ur time on Orkut, Facebook and of course Blogger!

The last one's a contribution from Brat....m sure i ve left out a lot... pls add to the list (dont gimme stereotypical media-projected nonsense tho)...dayaaaam... i am so jobless!!


Maddie said...

Hey Swarna... its been a fortnight since you have written some thing here... hope you are doing better than when you wrote the post last time...

and proud to be a chennaite...

Antarman said...

If they hate Hindi....I dont know what to think about them...though so far I havent found many people who do so.

So far I loved Chennai and its people, but if it is the reality, I will have to think again.

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

sure will keep writing :) and yea hi-fi for the proud part!

dont think too hard buds..we don hate hindi-speakers.. we jus don like nething tht snobs without any u said u cant find ppl tht rude.. well if u do.. they r probably jus returning u the favor!

we are quite embracing to outsiders...we r jus too proud of our language..:)

Nithya Sriram said...
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Nithya Sriram said...

yea... funny statements obviously carry vadivelu or vivek comedies... that has become a part of us :)

Haiyooo Haiyoo .... mudiyaala :)

Anonymous said...

Point 11. Chennai has the most vettiest person in the world!!!


the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

kelambitangayaaaaaa :P

Make it plural!

Nautankey said...

Awesome!! but is always felt chennai has more beer drinkers than rum[blame on our weather],though the equation is changing.

Few things i cud think of
--imagine spencers is the world's greatest shopping mall
--Long fun drive is equalto or rather ONLY equal to ECR
--Get greedy when going to pondichery/blore and try to gulp down maximum foreign made liquaor bottles..thanks to TASMAC and the MGM vodkas
--Newyear eve party,valentines day party or whatever it is and whichever posh disco it is the guys gotto shreik n pinch in disbeleif if we see more girls :)
-- theatre = satyam..only posh,high-end theatre for city of millions

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...


i got one more -

end every sentence with a 'da' irrespective of the language ur speakin in and irrespective of the gender ur speakin to!!

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

and i mentioned Old Monk cos it sounds more Chennai than Bangalore (we need to run to blore for fosters at least!)

and yay! PVR is comin to town in a month :D

Antarman said...

being proud of your language is good but disliking the language of your countrymen is not.
I felt very bad to see that point Swarna .

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

dude relax! this is written to b taken in a lighter spirit.. and most of it is a joke on ourself if u didnt get it...facts listed from observation.. don make this political now!

Anonymous said...

12. Insert Machan, mapilai and maams in virtually every sentence..

PS: I just realized what my next post is going to be..

U know u r a tambram when...


the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

u kno ur a tam bram wen ...

1 ur as gorgeous as swarna :P

2 u don have anyother quality like swarna!


now go write on something else u were plannin to :) surprise me!

Reflections said...

Yeah I know its not like the tamilians hate hindi...its more like they are allergic to using it, like simply cant be bothered....spking from prior exp as I had a friend who made no effort to learn the language;-/

Oh and dont forget the da's in each sentence....but then I think most of us S.Indians use 'da' just like how the northies use 'rae';-D

Cockroach said...

Very funny. :)

Enigma said...

insightful and funny Swar!!!

Lol humm well I guess its not hatred for hindi, Its about not being bothered abt it and all too.. :P Ohh ya and driving is crazy there!!!

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...


very true..we r jus allergic to it.. i was searchin for that word!


insightful :O really? thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hey this is a nice one :)
u know ur in chennai when u hear the 50 cent version of subrabatham early morning


the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

lol! good one!

Shades of Grey said...

I relate to the Hindi aversion...I find Tams are able to pick up any new language and pride themselves on knowing something different. Given the choice, they would rather learn any other Indian language than Hindi. Sadly, this aversion IS mostly political...though if you ask most people why, they probably couldn't tell you. Very funny overall Ms. Jobless :D

rauf said...

knock knock
oh its so nice to be here
did i wake you up ?
sorry i wake up early and i love to wake up my friends and make their life miserable.

Been here for 55 years and was always an outsider. i am an outsider where ever i go. But i always love to get back home. When the bus or the train enters Tamil Nadu, i feel a sense of security and i relax.
Chennai is home. i don't complain about the heat, its my choice, but of late the heat is bothering me Now in October, its strange, it used to be cooler, i am growing old, sorry. And i hate AC. Can't afford the electricity bills is nodder matter.

Oh ! no hatred, i speak Hindi, Urdu actually, i haven't seen it. There was an anti Hindi campaign years ago, 60's ?? yes not now.
If you ask for directions in Hindi, ten peepals will jump to help you, even if they don't understand the language, even if you are not an Aishwaya Rai. No indifference like Kerala.

Yes we have the most arrogant and rude 'auto karans' in the country and the disease has spread to odder towns. Your observation is accurate.

what else ? i can't relate to odder points as i am a frog in the well, somewhere in Chennai

oh no, i don't rush to Bangalore, i try skip Bangalore but friends don't let me. It used to be good, not nows.

Are we crazy about gold ? Men toos i think.

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...


its never too late.. start rushin to blore from now on :)

and yea u did help me wake up from my i-don-wanna-c-the-sunlite cranky friday morning..and vent out all the frustration happily .. thank u :)

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...


thanks a lot :) and yea this is my job to b precise haha..

aversion cos of political reasons ..hmm mayb.. but for me i think its jus the people and their attitude tht i cant stand sometimes..tho it doesnt apply to everyone for sure.. i ve so many northie friends with whom i ve never felt tht way

Vipin said...

So how do you prefer the drinks Swarna? Coffee and Old Monk or the other way round?? ;-)

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

i don mind them mixed together :)

Hobbes said...

Another few :

1. address most ppl as brother in law ('machi') :)
2. adress police officers as uncle ('mama') :D

and one of THE most important :

Go to the beach, enjoy the water, come out, sit on those tacky plastic chairs and say " Anna rendu plate mix !!! "

Ithu namma chennai ma !!!


the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

good one hobbes

thanks for the contri :)

Moses Philip said...

@Antaraman : Very true, In fact i have come across people who feel the same way...but slowly things are changing in Chennai.

But i feel Chennai is better than Bangalore when it comes to people.
People from Bangalore show off a lot.
They never accept that its not even half the size of Chennai.