Sunday, April 12, 2009

My husband is a....

ahh.. well.. err... nothin... hmm now that ur here, lemme tell u, actually this post is here cos:

1. I just love saying 'My husband', what's better than having a post with that title in my blog.
2. I write a mandatory short post after the boring long one.
3. I am so bored, jobless, uninspired, unmotivated, feelin useless, good-for-nothing, pesty, etc. etc., but din wanna write a whiny-whiny post either.
4. I have nothing else to write on (unless u realise i've made good use of point 3 :P) but i don want to leave a long period of silence in here once again.
5. I just assumed that the mystery element in the title will bring in readers :D...............or not...!!!!!!!


Nautankey said...

LOL..reminds me of some dialogue "I am currently working as her husband" :D.

A title to make folks inquisitive indeed.And come on write something abt delhi and all those trips you made :)

An Open Book said...

It did:)
ur in a new place swar..explore..

An Open Book said...

...and forgot...SHOP!!!

swarbrat said...


ah lol eh! thnk god it was remotely funny and yea my next plan in to write bout the trips, its a long time plan now but then don get time to sit for tht long on comp these days... lemme c soon

SHOP with no job? :P

Renu said...

Oh so sweet:), readers will come whatevr you write:)

An Open Book said...

oh ok..window shop:)

Anonymous said...

You still have'nt completed the sentence!!!


Cockroach said...

hooy...there r lot to explore okay. Everything will come to u one by one ;). Cheer up dear.:)

Reflections said...

"I just love saying 'My husband', what's better than having a post with that title in my blog."

LOL...not to worry, u r exhibiting all the symtoms of a newly married woman;-D

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

thnks renu

arvind ...? wheres ur blog id i am searching everywhere to add it to my blogroll so i can follow it pls

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

hopefully! and am all cheered up don worry

what can i say :D

Blindwreck said...

swar... wat in the heaven is wrong with you??? :P jus kidding... u c am quite jobless and frustrated too :D now that you're here, why dont you come down to see this preggy fren of urs!! :D :D