Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chennai's very-own 'forum'!

One more week of writing and writing and writing is coming to an end .. well not exactly.. but yea in a few days .. but I wud like to stay positive… my days of browsing food and event sites/blogs relating to Chennai are here again (last days of the week wen m absolutely jobless) This time again I found a useful and very entertaining site a must visit if you are a Chennai fanatic!

Looks like a newbie, but its already grabbing a lot of attention from our fella chennaites! Wow! Wat more to make me happy and keep me occupied the whole day.. well u guessed it rite they have a section on food and restaurant too :D but don judge me so soon.. I jus read up on the Chennai electricity issue that we are all the power cuts! I am the last person who reads current affairs but wen told in an entertaining way,, yes I take it in too :D.. n y not wen its bout chennaipatnum… but m planning a lot of contribution in the food arena which I do have some knowledge on as far as my favourite city is concerned… I hope to c a lot of Chennai fanatics in this forum and make friends and discuss a lot of local topics.. u kno its my fav topic to debate on.. nothing better! n of course get to kno the latest events and happenings in here.. they got it listed rite from vinayaka chathurthi puja places to ladies night in clubs tonight..its like experiencing the entire city breathing it in .. with all the love for it.. suck it in.. I mean suck into it.. hmm errrrr … forget it!

There is this search dropdown menu to browse further on topic of ur interest.. u name it .. this moment m reading on how to take good care of the hair! Hmm.. ok next…

Wow! Tomo’s weather says 32degree c …ok i ll stop showing off here!

Do u enjoy reading the Friday issue newspapers just like me? Its one day I never forget to pick up the paper as soon as I wake up.. this site almost feels like it.. a Friday paper everyday! And even better its interactive .. oopsie I am writing too much bout this site today? Chennai needed something like this and m happy someone has actually initiated this idea.. I hope this becomes a great success.. and we have a lot of fun (at work of course!) in here! A home to meet neighbors and talk about common issues and public secrets! Y am I sooo exciteddd.. !

And for now.. here’s to Chennai!
Take a few mins and join the fun guys …