Monday, June 02, 2008

Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow!

I came zooming back home trying to escape the scorching sun, wiping my sweat, turning the air conditioner on and actually talking to it… ‘F***in' cool up fastttttt’ I yelled frustrated. Nobody can deny the heat that had taken over Chennai this summer, like any other year but somehow this yr has burnt me into something unrecognizable. So one more bang at the door and that was my final call for the juicy watermelon my mom was cutting for me, well it better be worth all the pain I went through to buy it. What the hell is she doing! BANG BANG I knocked my door, no way on earth am getting outa the room. Still no reaction from her! Fine I walked out not able to resist the site of juicy red watermelon and getting it in my mouth cooling my head but wat I saw shocked me! There was this juicy fleshy YELLOW watermelon! Ahhh! Now what is this? No wonder she was wondering what to do with it so long. Is there something called a Yellow Watermelon or is it some kinda hybrid with pumpkin or is it just some Very OLD watermelon! I almost don’t care; I just want to quench my thirst right now… fine let’s ask Google and Wiki I decided; the only people I trust lately!

And here is what the internet told me… so many blogs with ‘SURPRISE’ I saw a yellow watermelon posts! But nothing from India … so mine has the privilege to be the first surprise-watermelon-post in a blog from India I guess! Anyways there were some useful info sites; Wiki has a very small entry in the keyword ‘watermelon’ itself that’s all. Seems this variety is supposed to be more honey tasting and juicier… so I rushed and digged in to the scary looking yellow watermelon hoping am alive tomo, cos I still wasn’t really sure how this came to India in the first place! But I don’t think this one’s any sweeter and better than our yummy looking/tasting life-saving weight-reducing reddy reddy watermelons!

Some info I got on the net!

Some Man-am-so-surprised blogs…

The funniest thing I found after some research later is the Yellow Watermelon appreciate group! The tagline goes like … "I wish i was a yellow watermelon"! What the hell! .. hehehe

And of course some funny youtube videos too!