Wednesday, August 09, 2006


How exactly does this work? I don understand really.. I jus write something here.. ppl read it.. n then what .. But then m totally jobless and bored that I decided to write again today... m in a kinda ecstatic state since the time I got over the ‘down in the dumps’ state I was in till yesterday… jus so typically me…

Guess wat .. I got my first Tattoo .. I m as excited as I ve never been in my life about nething. Though there r million things I can whine about today , one lil tattoo made my day rather made my year I should say. Looks pretty doesn’t it? Ventured into piercing too, but not too excited bout it, at least it’s more painful than tattooing. I m sitting at work with no work to do, trying to write some crap in here. How bout I dream of my next tattoo. I m thinking of getting one in my hand or shoulder, (something with a cross heart and skeleton on it) or m thinking of a ‘where is the love?’ tattoo. There r lotsa them here select a nice one for me n get urself one for sure.. trust me it def brightens ur mood. Lemme finish this blog in my own style... the way I feel today … best expressed in the language of poetry.

Wat am amazing day took ma pains away!

Some fear it some deny some say let it go unspoken

Look at me m rite here singing its praise

U made me write again brought back the inspiration

C my future in ur palms let it go m not afraid nemore

Am dreamin away like I have to, was screamin away like a psycho

My diary says nuff u depressed bitch get outa here

I neva gave a fuck all I used to say was ‘man life sucks!’

Yes m ready now ready to let go ready to take life as my mate

Some laufed at it some said gosh get a life n stop blamin fate

Wat am doin here wat m I supposed to? awrite I give up…

Or so u think .. but here s ma day the day I told u wud come

Here she came like a bird outa cage n took me to her little nest

Am a poet livin in my past glory denied my rite to complete the story

But amona sing again n let my new mate search for the rest ….