Saturday, August 19, 2006

Not man enuff for me

I donno how controversial this topic wud b .. but jus penning down wats going on in my head today. Men! Something I ve never thought bout, at least its never been a mystery to me. In the contrary women were always mysterious to me, what a tomboy I sound like. Somehow mosta my friends have been guys if not all, almost all of ‘em. But today, for the first time m thinking bout men, rather certain kinda men, who don seem so man nuff to me. I know 99 perc ppl reading this r men, no offense to anyone but a few. I m not trying to sound feminist here cos I have never related myself to the female society, but hey! we r living in the 21st century n I was assuming that the world is now changed from what is portrayed on TV/cinema. I can’t believe there r still men who can’t c their women beyond the bedroom and kitchen. Talk about equality and crap, how can women ask for equality, I really m not for it, men n women r not equal they can never b. They are each stronger and weaker in different aspects. As I always say freedom is what others give u but independence is wat u give urself. I think today’s women r dumb in this context. Men r getting smarter now they can use women not jus as sex/cookin machine but also as money venders. All in the name of equality. Ok I lost the sequence somewr.. oh yeah men .. y do they get so intimidated by women who have a mind of their own? Wat is it that a guy looks for in his gf tht he doesn’t wanna c in his wife? Same men who worship women as goddess for their sexuality disrespect their emotional needs. Being emotional is not a weakness, well I am emotional, I feel love, I feel hatred, jealousy anger nostalgic... I fall in n outa love... I wanna cry when m down and party wen m happy, I hate it when guys try to stop me from releasing my emotions, which has happened with every guy I ve known, m human n it’s my birth rite to have feelings. There r guys who respect women no doubt bout it, but how broadminded r they? What do they consider broadminded? The so called unconventional bfs/husbands still cannot c beyond their stereotypical view of a modern day women. Stereotypical women who dono wat they want, giving too much of themselves in the name of love? Commitment? Or whatever... I wud def blame our Indian media esp. movies for establishing a very shallow view in the minds of ppl on issues like love, marriage, emotions. Also it is always black or white characters that are portrayed, while I strongly believe that every human, be it man or woman is grey, a mixture of good n bad. Media is the primary teacher today; most Indian girls believe the sole purpose of being in love is to get married while a typical Indian guy believes the sole purpose is to get laid. Result being loss of a beautiful emotion that every person feels/shud feel in his/her life. I wud rather live-in with a guy who loves/trusts me n vice versa all ma life than get married to someone I don’t. Why is it that a man cant take it when his women is smarter than him or handle women who r offbeat ... y does he have a bad reflex to such women… from what my closest friends have told me they love to hang out with such women while have a life with dumb insecured girls who wud fool themselves knowing that he is fooling around?.. Too complicated.. Well I don really care. Is being indifferent is what makes a man? Reminds me of this movie called ‘FIRE’, maybe better known for other reasons, but I loved Nandita Das’ character in it. A perfect Indian women, independent but not westernized, knows how to live her life to the fullest beyond all barriers. I highly recommend u ppl u read this book called ‘men r from mars women r from venus’ least I can say is , it opened my eyes. I guess a man needs to b strong in everything he has to b while letting the women b what she can b... respect her for what she can be. Not a man who sinks in self-pity n complex, not a man whose intimidated by a better woman (who can think beyond conventions and laid out traditions/rules), not a man who’s proud to be indifferent, not a man who defines who a ‘good girl’ is, not a man who judges, not jus some man… a real man .. Who knows how to treat his lady rite… u maybe fulla love u mayb way ahead of time.. u maybe the rite kind what typically ‘women’ look for .. The question is r u MAN enuff for me? …