Friday, May 08, 2009

Where do i write now?

Yay! i write news for, no m no real estate guru but yea i can write and hmm yea i can WRITE that pretty much makes me (rather i can make myself) a guru on any topic in the world! You can read it here But trust me, this is a really cool real estate site for chennai rentals and apartments for sale n stuff! Yea i am looking for new place to stay .... to make a home of my own :) they provide end to end solution to make a home for newbies like me

Other than buying, selling and renting properties, this site is not a classified page per se, its fun to browse thro, the homepage tells u the per sq feet rate in every area in chennai, i loved that part.. so i can keep havin a watch on besant nagar and wait till the time i can buy that beach house!!!! Why am i promoting Mr. Metroplots here? cos i BLOG there and they reward me :)
and i thought i can let ya all kno so u can read my words of wisdom as well as write ur own and get rewarded too :) NO! i dont write for nothin, unless its on :P

If you are completely clueless to write on such stuff, jus like me :D, u can also participate in the Facebook forum, join the group., they have happening discussions there about best places to live in chennai to interior designing to what not?

Now lets get to business! You can join and blog too... how hard is it to write about our home? i mean the topics are not just limited to real estate so any of us who survive in any kinda place has something to write about!

My winning post was on Vasstu Shastra (yea rite!) and this i din wanna paste again here, but since i havent written here in a long time, pls do read my post and pass on ur comments there :)

PS: i ve a lot of tags to complete, i ve not been regualr on blogospehre, i been a bad gal. I will read all ur blogs, every post and comment in everything i promise, since m completely jobless starting today for the next infinite number of days to follow....


Renu said...

Hello:), I am going to read qal the links u have provided and see:)

An Open Book said...

So u back in chennai? i so envy u..will chk out the blog

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

ur always there for me renu and alwyas the first :)

nish! envy me? for wat reason!!! i cant think of one thing! no i was in chennai fro last 2 weeks n now bak in gurgaon for next 2 months i guess so jobless again :(

Shades of Grey said...

Heyyy great post Swar congrats!
Have already joined the Facebook page... :O)

swarbrat said...

thnks jane :)

Nautankey said...

Will do try and post o'er there after the D-day[our show :D]. And yeah what was the prize for the winning entry...a plot? :P

Jayashree said...

Good for you, off to read what you have to say about vaasthu....

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