Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A dedication to sansmerci...

who is still wondering if she should c 25 or no? Time’s running out there is just a few hrs more…

My hearts been beaten black and blue
My green veins are running a reddish hue
My eyes tear-ing into a salty brown
My nose turns pink, m looking like a clown
My dried up scars are splitting again
My scratching nails are yellow n insane
My blotted body is pale turning white
Rainbows are jealous looking at this sight!
Happy Birthday Baby!

My resolution is to remember that am nothing special and everybody has birthdays and not to make a fuss about it from now on, now that am 25 .. Am celebrating silver jubilee.. Uh! Here I go again … but hey what’s wrong is being happy on my birthday .. After all its just about one day for me!

And yes I will grow up … like everyone wants me to.. or I wont just like everyone says!

And yea, formerly known as has reached 10,000 hits since August 2006.

Another reason to celebrate? I got more than a million reasons to celebrate in the last few weeks but I realized I’ve become absolutely nirvanic and have learnt to take both excitement and pain with numbness. Now am I matured?

Lesson learnt: Lying is maturity, fraud is the beginning of wisdom, and hypocrisy makes you a complete human being!

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this now or posting it, but I do need a birthday post and a 10k post but am sorry this is my current state of mind. But I promise there is a lot coming up; I’ve been researching on many topics lately. How interesting it is to you, I really don’t know. Also written some stories to be published here.

Anyways wish me into the next quarter of my life starting from tomo. Am looking forward to lose a lot this yr right from my identity as sansmerci to my loneliness to my insanity to my habits to my immaturity(really don want to) to my weight (really want to) etc etc. It ll be a New-me or a No-me for good.

PS: I ve started writing restaurant/food reviews on as Sansmerci of course. DO follow up!