Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gotchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... nahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Have u ever felt a deep urge to eat somethin so badly but the harder u try to figure out wat it is , the more ur tongue longs for its taste

wen u wanna say something which is on top of ur head its urgent but ur mind blocks u kno its at the tip of ur tongue but cant spell it out

wen u sense a familiar smell u keep sniffing to remember but u have no clue

wen u feel so close to someone that u wanna go hug them but cant even remember their name or wonder if they wud relate the same way to u ...

wen u feel soooooooooo restless wanna do somethin but nothin interests u everythin seems borin but ur so idle so bored outa ur head dono wat is that one thing u wanna do so badly that ll cheer u up

its so simple .. i realize now .. i wanna do something i miss someone/something so badly .. theres a void there is an empty space that needs to b filled .. jus like those other feelings i was talkin bout i think i got it yeaaaaaaa.... but again wat is it that m searchin for .. y am i goin around sayin m lost callin myself a loser ....

wat the hell is it ?????????????????