Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beyond the yellow line ..

I am so bored of writing what I am told to write about and almost being fed the words to write. This is one place I can write what I want to, with no edits or QC. Anyways this is something goin on in my head for a long time I donno if it wud of interest to neone. Din kno how to put it in words tho exactly. It was my first team dinner n I was asked wat I think about each person in my team, well I obv din have an answer. But yea as usual made me think of something that wouldn’t provide an answer to their question. Y do ppl judge? rather how do ppl judge? I realized I don judge ppl at first site or even after sometime n I dono if it’s a good trait or a bad one. Do u need to have opinion about everythin n everyone? Well yea maybe but y r adjectives being used so losely Yea u can call someone beautiful at first site I can agree on that. Judging n stereotyping r two things I can neither stand nor understand. Sometimes ppl tell me ‘ur this kinda gal n how come u do that’ huh wat??? I am no kinda gal.. I am wat I am y cant I b jus ‘me’ n not categorized into a group that thinks n acts a certain way. Why is there a necessity to stamp a person rather brand them with an adjective, good or bad, still it seems dumb to me. one person is not like another .. 2 ppl cant b alike .. everyone knows that .. then y? Individuals brought up in similar lifestyle mite have similair ideas or tastes since they can match wavelengths.. But ofcourse everyone is different n have different ways of thinking, if not always beyond the boundary. Cos yes we r all trained not to make mistakes not to cross the line, and when I do I belong to the stereotype called ‘ the gals who cross the line’ or whatever n I can never display traits that ‘gals who nestle inside the line’ do. I am not supposed to disagree with other gals who cross the line n I am supposed to think a certain way about certain things, have a certain lifestyle and certain attitude that ‘gals like me’ r supposed to have. Oh is it cos its easier for ppl to judge at first site? When I get to hear things like ‘I din expect this from a gal like u, I thought u were that types’ I wanna rofl wen ppl assume things by jus the looks of it n comment stuff bout me or neone else I kno personally.. the best part is wen they r so sure bout it ..everybody who is shallow nuff to judge quickly is dumb nuff to think they r the smartest judge around .. well wat can I say .. it’s too funny actually wen I think of it this way …. ppl who think outside the box are still provided with boundaries? !!!