Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Knowing you is loving you and its been a decade since.

I didnt know what that phrase meant until I met you. I cant think of one person who cant like you knowing you (and i really do envy you for that!). And to know am the luckiest one who gets to be with u every min of every day of my life, there cant be a better life than this. This ode (ok random ramblings i mean) i write today might come as a surprise cos all i ever told you was your loving is never enough,well it is not that easy to keep a love-greedy drama queen for so long i say!

Its funny they say you have been my 'husband' since 5 yrs now, little do they know its the most insignificant part of our relationship. I have seen u thro the ten yrs I have known you... from a common friend, a net buddy. an obsessive crush, a roommate, a boyfriend and an ex boyfriend (not to mention an awesome side ka :P)! And the best one I have seen in any of those roles. Hmm okay lets say thats what i feel wen i look at the whole picture now... and thats all that matters...a crush that  has lasted a decade..I still can look at u and feel like a lil gal in love for the first time... i can simply hear ur voice and feel home wenever i am lost...I dono how u do it but only u know how to handle me... nobody else can deal with me sometimes, not even me! 

You have filled every missin space in my life at the most crucial times..... a friend, well a best friend, a girl friend, sister, brother, partner in crime...well even a mother (clashin with my amma's role most times!). Now I know what they mean when they say someone is your everything, there were million instances when I have felt I don have anyone, and always, somehow always, its only one person who wud fill it up, sort it out for me. I see its not that easy to play sister to your wife... definitely not! But my life and my normally empty dark and hallow heart filled up to the brim when you filled it up with the father figure i missed all my life... not just some father but the bestest ever dad I could possibly imagine in this entire freaking world if anything a step above that. I think that's wen we really fell in love...or is that what I kept thinkin at every other stage too? Thanks to the lil brat for bringing us closer... for showin us what love actually means...for showin us how much we actually need each other!

Who would believe that a chat window that opened 10 years ago is still open? Well from MSN and Yahoo to Hangout and Whataapp now... but i cant think of one day it stayed closed... and I still keep thinkin I have a million things to say to u :)

Knowing you is loving you. Nobody can deny that. And am so glad I got to know u as early in life and have a life time to love ahead of us....

PS: Just so you know, as against what ur assumng now, no change in our life, big or small, will change this thing I have always told u..... Life = You! You jump, I jump! Period.


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