Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tagged by PointBlank and here are my answers

Eight things I am passionate about:

1. Writing – utter crap at least I don care as long as I let my thoughts out n there is at least one person to read it.
2. Cooking – its an art I like to master I jus love to experiment and play with flavors n cuisines .. not killed anyone yet so m lil confident ..mayb I ll b a chef or open a restaurant one day .. like every tom dick n harry wants to
3. Children – love em wherever whoever however they r .. n consider every kid in the world to b mine .. m too damn selfish
4. Love – wanna spread it .. make it a world religion/epidemic .. I kno its impossible
5. Beauty/art – admire it in any form gals/boys/nature/painting/writing/eyes/words/sadness/saris/beach/children/poetry/what not .. a thing of beauty is a joy forever!
6. Depression/ death – I kno ur all sighing there but I cnt deny it its true .. I do admire and enjoy sadness, m in love with it and I worship death and the gothic/psychedelic emotions/feelings/experience attached to it … well I think it takes a lota depth to understand the beauty n passion of this .. yea am a goth/emo.. call me whatever
7. Emotions – I hate indifference, wats life without emotions m either too elated or too sad.. but its nice to b in extremes than b bland n numb .. that’s real death
8. LOVE MAKING – It is an art! I think it’s the essence of life birth love emotions creation relationships and everything that gives a reason to live … the way i can express love and feel loved … I think if one is not passionate in love making they can as well not be alive ..

Eight things I want to do before I die (In no particular order):

1. Adopt my baby/grow her into the most loved and spoilt brat
2. Build an orphanage – I know thts jus a dream
3. Make my amma feel proud of me/ as the most loved mother for at least a minute in her life
4. Live in a dream beach house
5. Visit the world - Singapore Bangkok Mauritius Australia Paris Switzerland London Dubai? Nice try!
6. Find out what LOVE actually is
7. Become a famous writer! Yea rite!
8. KISS A GIRL AM IN LOVE WITH and vice versa…

Eight things I say often:

1. Yea rite!
2. Nice try!
3. ammaaaaaaaa
4. k/whatever/like I give a dam/fuk/like I care
5. I dono/hehe
6. FUK OFF/dumb fuker/loser/asshole – am a bad gal L
7. :D/Huggy - Yea i live on the internet
8. thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Eight books I’ve read recently:

I am not a reader .. guess everyone knows it … lemme try answering anyway!

1. Sweet valley university – lota episodes.. oh I mean versions uh? Ok whatever u call it.
2. Tell me your dreams – my all-time fav and many other Sidney Sheldon novels which all seem the same to me now
3. MEN R FROM MARS WOMEN R FROM VENUS – non-ficiton i cud relate to n enjoy reading!
4. Da vinci code – that was like a duty to read since everyone did
5. wow m at 5 think I can do it .. hmm hmm yea I used to read a few comics/childrens magazine
6. ahh 3 more .. lemme c .. I ve read stories written by myself I ll blog them soon
7. I follow many blogs regularly
8. yes I read sansmerci.in over n over again esp the comments!

Neways I don read I prefer watchin dvds.

Here are 8 (Not really!) Movies I can watch over n over:

1. Girl interrupted – the story of my life!
2. Love actually – story of everyones life!
3. Big daddy – or any kid movie for tht matter
4. 50 first dates (adam sandler movies/romantic comedies)
5. Finding nemo – NUMBER ONE always! And many other animation movies
6. Butterfly effect/monster/ many more psycho thrillers
7. Rangeela – only Hindi movie I love and some Indi movies like Flavors, FIRE
8. alaipayuthey /minnale /snehithiye/ dum dum dum!

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over:

Right now it is -

1. Kryptonite – 3 doors down
2. Where is the love – BEP
3. Lemon tree – Fool’s garden
4. Aisha – outlandish
5. Fuck it – eamon
6. King of sorrow – sade
7. Iris – goo goo dolls
8. She will be loved - Maroon 5

It changes too damn often … depends on my mood .. n 8 is too less a number for music ..don you think?

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends:

1. Broad mindedness
2. Open n frank n honest
3. Partner in crime
4. Non-judgmental/non-stereotyping
5. rebellious no boundaries outa the box thinking but no westernization or attitude … need to b down to earth
6. Good looking and an eye for the good looking!
7. Be there wen m down n listen to my advice patiently wen they r down
8. Put up with my moods and understand my immaturity PAMPER ME!

Eight people I think should do this tag:

Everyone on my fav list and if possible more ppl .. but u think ppl are as jobless as I am?

Anyway who wants to read all this about me? Hey wait dont tel me am gonna be spammed! oh Crap!