Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the ME in YOU

wow! first time m posting somethin thats not written by me ... but yes its typically my kinda writing n i loved it nuff to put it on my blog .. i wish i can write so well sometime .. but i guess this shud b interestin to the kinda ppl who follow my blog.. written by someone who ll always b special to me .. claims he was possessed by me wen he wrote it .. atlast a living proof that I am not alive .. hehe anyways .......... n yea now u gota accept it .. there is an undefined oxymoron in everyone .... okok read on !!

The journey started with the loss of ma prized possession... Leavin behind my cherished past... takin the uncommon path to an unknown destiantion... millions of unanswered questions... jumping and hopping arnd the rugged path.. carin enough not to hurt my feet... stupid enough to hurt my heart... faster i hopped.. higher i went...

every heart and stone has a pattern... so did my path... sucked in by the pattern... started hoppin with my eyes closed... my feet hurts... but my hearts euphoric... my brain pleads my feets case... but my heart wins... my feet cries for help but ma heart still owns my closed eyes... paths changed... hearts scared.. and finally my brain pulls one off.... i open my eyes and realize am standing on a rock on top of a cliff...elated to see the whole world below me... was this my unknown destination?? Did my destiny overpower me? I fite to control my destiny but in vain.. I look bak and there is no trail to trace bak to where i was and there is no path ahead of me... i try to convince myself this was my destination... my imprudent heart quickly accepts... but my astute brain denies... been standin on da rock for ages now not knowing wat to do and the battle betn my heart and my head still continues... one step ahead i start an avalanche... This was not my destination.... I hiked the wrong cliff... damn i should have kept my eyes open!!!!